3 Days Trip to San Diego, California

After moving to Tucson, Arizona in October 2018, I wanted to go and explore San Diego on a long weekend since it was only 6 hours drive from where I lived. On my first trip to San Diego, I didn’t do much because I spent only one night and I really liked the city. Therefore, I came back  to explore more of this beautiful city on a long weekend and below I will share my experiences and things I have done on my 3 days trip to San Diego, California.


I drove from Tucson, AZ to San Diego which is approximately a little over 6 hours drive on I-8 going through green fields and desert. San Diego is also populated city like LA and parking can be very expensive. 


I spent total of 3 nights in San Diego. I stayed for 2 nights in Double Tree by Hilton San Diego-Hotel Circle and spent 1 night in Hampton Inn San Diego/Mission Valley. Both hotels were very nice and well maintained. As you all know, I use my Amex card points to stay for free in Hilton hotels which saves me alot of money on my travel.

Activities / Attractions

Ocean Beach Pier:

Ocean Beach Pier was only 10 minutes drive from hotel and a perfect place to start my day. I drove there and parked right at the edge of the pier. Pier was already filled with people enjoying fishing and beautiful views of the ocean. I walked all the way to the end of the pier and refreshed my mind and soul. Surfers were riding the waves along the pier. There is also a small restaurant on the pier if you want to enjoy breakfast on the ocean.

Luscomb’s Point:

After enjoying the pier, I drove to Luscomb’s Point along the ocean and captured the beautiful views at Sunset Cliff Beach. I parked along the road at Luscomb’s Point for free and it is difficult to find parking since it is a touristy spot. I walked to absorb the vast views of ocean and fresh wind from waves was kissing my face and body. It is a perfect place to relax and meditate. I spent an hour sitting on the bank of ocean and cherished that moment. 

Fort Rosecrans  National Cemetery: 

Cabrillo National Monument was on my list but it was closed that specific day. Instead I stopped at the Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery which is a national military cemetery in San Diego overlooking the Pacific. I walked in this beautiful and well maintained cemetery to listen to the quiet of the fallen but not forgotten. 

Balboa Park:

Balboa Park is a historic urban park in San Diego filled with activities and can consume a whole day to explore. There is so much to explore in this amazing park. I spent a whole afternoon walking the beautiful paths. San Diego zoo is also located in this park. The architecture is also incredible in this park. There are restaurants and cafes to grab a bite. This has to be one of my favorite spots in San Diego and highly recommended for anyone visiting San Diego.

USS Midway Museum:

Located at Navy Pier, USS Midway Museum is the historical navy aircraft carrier Midway and famous tourist spot in San Diego. This place is packed with public both locals and visitors. It can be hard to find parking. Walk along the carrier and take a picture with the famous “Embracing Peace” sculpture. There are also alot of options to eat here. 

Coronado Beach:

After exploring San Diego city, I headed over to explore Coronado Island and spend the evening at Coronado Beach. I love this part of San Diego which is very clean and well maintained. There is so much to do on this island but my favorite is spending time on the beaches here. 


Hillcrest is a lively neighborhood filled with activities and restaurants. I highly recommend grabbing breakfast or dinner in this colorful neighborhood. If you have time, walk around or drive through this beautiful neighborhoo

USS Midway Museum
"Embracing Peace" Sculpture
Balboa Park
Balboa Park
Balboa Park
Balboa Park

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