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3 Day Trip to Sedona, AZ

3 Days trip to Sedona, az

Sedona is one of the most beautiful places in Arizona. It is visited by many every year. The red rocks and picturesque sunsets set this place apart.

Day Trip To Petrified Forest National Park

Petrified Forest National Park is one of the three national parks located in Arizona. It is named after its large deposit of petrified wood.

Day Trip to Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon National Park is home to the majestic Grand Canyon. Grand Canyon shows millions of years of geological history of layered red rocks.

Day Trip to Tombstone, Bisbee & Douglas

Tombstone and Bisbee are historical Arizona towns located southeast of Tucson. Nogales is the border town.

Day Trip To Chiricahua National Monument

Chiricahau National Monument is located in the southeast Arizona. It is approximately 2 hours from Tucson.

Day Trip to Mt Lemmon

Mt Lemmon located in Coronado National Forest north of Tucson is the highest point in Santa Catalina Mountains.