Camping Essentials - Campsite

when I first thought of starting camping, I didn’t know where to start. After doing my research and started collecting my camping essentials, I started compiling a list of my camping essentials. After 2 years of camping, I still use this list to make sure I don’t miss anything before setting on my camping trip. I want to share my list of campsite essentials and recommendations as well for first time campers.

Tent: Tent is the first thing that comes to mind when thinks of camping. Invest in a good tent depending on how often you plan on camping and for how many persons. An all season tent is recommended to camp throughout the year.

Air mattress/Sleeping Pad and Air Pump: You want to sleep on something in your tent and it depends on your personal preference. I started with air mattress but after a couple use, they always stark leaking and I switched to sleeping pad. Most time the mattresses come with the pumps. Here is my recommendation.

Blankets / Sleeping Bag: Make sure to carry a sleeping bag or blanket depending on weather conditions.

Pillow: I always carry my pillows with me for a good nights sleep.

Folding Chair: Most campsites have chair and table but I always carry my comfortable folding chairs on my camping trips.

Folding Table: Most campsites also have tables but I keep my folding table with me in case I don’t find a campsite and have to do dispersed camping.

Lantern: You definitely need a good lantern to light your campsite at night.

Torch: This comes in handy at night. I keep both handheld and headlamp. 

Power bank: Invest in a good charging bank to charge all your electronics. Pay attention to the capacity of the bank and your charging needs.

Multi-tool: I use it for tent setup mostly and keep this with me at all times.

Batteries: I keep extra batteries for my air pump, torch lights and lantern.

Sitting sheet: I keep a sitting sheet in case the ground is dirty or I need to put anything on the ground. Most of the times I use a tarp.

Speaker, headphones and charger: Don’t forget to keep your speaker for campsite fun, headphones for hiking and chargers to keep your devices ready.

Beach towel: I carry a beach towel all the time in case I jump into water in a stream, waterfall or even on the beach.

Backpack and clothes: I carry a small backpack for snacks and extra clothing for hiking purposes.

Tarp: I lay it under my tent and also use it for sitting on the ground or to cover things.

Tent Repair Kit: I keep tent repair kit for emergencies in case my tent doesn’t stay sturdy.

Enjoy a beautiful day out in the nature and don’t worry about missing anything.

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