2 Days in Cancun & Isla Mujeres, Mexico

After my first 5 days trip to Merida, I decided to explore some other magical cities of Mexico. This time I came for a 9 days trip and divided my trip into 3 sections, 2 days in Cancun and Playa Del Carmen, 2 days in Playa Del Carmen, Cozumel and Tulum and 5 days in Mexico City. In this section, I will talk about how I spent my 2 days in Cancun. After arriving at the Cancun airport, I picked up my rental car and drove straight to my hotel. It was already evening and decided to enjoy a good dinner at my hotel and relax and plan my trip to Isla Mojeres. 

Staying in Cancun

I stayed for 2 nights in Hampton Inn by Hilton Cancun Cumbres, which is located in Cancun hotel zone. I used my Amex points to stay for free. The hotel was very clean and close to nice restaurants. 

Day Trip to Isla Mojeres

My only reason to stay in Cancun was to explore Isla Mojeres because Cancun is the main tourist spot and I wanted to stay away from tourist hub and experience the real Mexico on my trips. Early in the morning I drove to Puerto Juarez to take ferry to Isla Mojeres, which is only accessible to public by taking a ferry. You will be approached by many agents selling to their guided tours and since it was my first time, I decided to purchase one. I paid roughly 800 Mexican pesos for the guided tour which included snorkeling, swim with shark and lunch as well. They accompanied me to purchase the ferry ticket which was not included in the tour price and cost me around 300 pesos for a return ticket. The ferry ride is very fun and full of entertainment. They have live performances and music. The ferry ride lasts for about half an hour. After getting off the ferry, the tour guide gathered out group and gave us a tour of the island. The white sand beaches were heavenly beautiful. We were taken for snorkeling to the adjacent beach and provided the equipment. It was a fun experience to see the beautiful ocean habitat. We spent 2 hours enjoying snorkeling. After this, we were taken to a beautiful beach side restaurant for a nice lunch. While the lunch was getting ready, we went to swim with the shark which was also owned by the restaurant providing the lunch. After lunch we went to explore the main business on the island and took the ferry back to Cancun before getting dark. You can also stay overnight and enjoy the island if you have more time on hand.


On my 2nd day, I decided to explore the beautiful beaches of Cancun. After enjoying a healthy Mexican style breakfast, I headed to Playa Tortugas to enjoy the beautiful beach. I enjoyed beach side lunch and drinks and headed to one of the mall. I also stopped to take a walk at Playa Langosta. In the afternoon I went to explore Playa Delfines and relax. Cancun has so much to offer that you would need an extra day just to decide what you want to do. But since I just wanted to explore the beautiful beaches and relax, I stayed mostly on the ocean side. After a relaxing day at the beaches, I started my journey to my next stop before evening which was Playa Del Carmin. 

It was a fun and relaxing 2 days spent in Cancun. You can easily spend more time here and still wouldn’t explore enough of Cancun. I will definitely go back to Cancun for more experiences and relaxing time.

Taking ferry to Isla Mojeres.
Exploring Cancun.
Getting off the ferry at Isla Mojeres.
Isla Mojeres, Mexico

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