5 Days Trip To Guadalajara, Mexico

Guadalajara is the capital of Mexican state Jalisco. The city is known for tequila and mariachi music. The city center is bursting with history, colonial plazas and landmarks. I got a great deal on a return flight from Phoenix to Guadalajara which cost me $126. I flew Volaris and the flight was not bad for the price.

Staying in Guadalajara

After landing at Guadalajara airport, I took an Uber to my hotel. I decided to take Uber and public transportation instead of renting my own car but I also recommend driving in Guadalajara because the traffic and roads are much better than Mexico City. I was staying in Hampton Inn by Hilton Guadalajara/Expo which was 15 minutes from the centro and I used my Amex points to stay for free.

Exploring Guadalajara

The first 2 days I decided to explore Guadalajara. There is a free walking tour of the city that meets at 10am near the Gazebo every day at Plaza de Armas right next to Guadalajara Cathedral. I highly recommend this tour as it is very friendly, informative and free ( tips are welcomed and recommended). They also offer other tours. The tour takes you around the city main landmarks and explains the historical significance. In the afternoon, I took Uber to Tlaquepaque which was 20 minutes from my hotel. The main city center was bustling with street food and art and craft and live performances. The best part was to enjoy live dance performances by local artists on the streets and I enjoyed some good street Mexican food. I highly recommend visiting this historical city and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere here. Avenida Chapultepec was my favorite evening activity. This avenue becomes alive in the evening and crowded with locals and tourists. Local artists display their art and craft and street food vendors fill the air with aroma. I spent every evening and savor the local food.


On my 3rd day, I decided to take a day trip to Tequila town. Early morning I took Uber to the main bus station and bought return ticket to Tequila which was 220 pesos. The buses are very nice and tickets are cheap and  it took 1.5hr to get there. After getting off the bus, I walked into the town. The town is beautiful and historic. I purchased the famous Jose Cuervo tour which was 300 pesos. The tour took us through the whole process of tequila making from cutting  agave, to processing, to storing and finally packaging. The tour also  included tasting agave nectar and pure tequila. At the end of the tour, I purchased some gifts from their store.  After the tour, I enjoyed nice lunch in the center of the town and enjoyed tequila drink. After the lunch, I walked around the town and visited the local shops. In the evening I took the bus back to Guadalajara.

Ajijic and Chapala

On the 4th day, I decided to explore Ajijic and Chapala. Again I took Uber to the main bus station and took a bus to Chapala. My first stop of the morning was the beautiful lake of Chapala. Chapala is a tourist spot crowded with people. The lake is surrounded by beautiful lake side restaurants and shops. The weather was very beautiful and windy. I walked along the lake to explore this beautiful city and enjoyed a nice lake side lunch. After lunch, I took Uber to Ajijic. Ajijic is full of expats. The town is beautifully designed with streets and small shops. I walked around the town and enjoyed a relaxing afternoon. After a busy day exploring these two beautiful town, I returned to Guadalajara.

I spent my 5th day in Guadalajara as well. I walked around the city center and explored the historic city. I shopped around and bought some gifts for my friends and family. My trip to Guadalajara was very relaxing and smooth. I recommend visiting this beautiful city, explore the history and savor the tasty food.

Beatiful Church in Ajijic.
Enjoying lunch in Tequila town.
Expiatorio Church of Guadalajara.

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