2 Days Trip To Puerto Penasco

Puerto Penasco, also famously known as Rocky Point, is a famous Mexican resort city on the Gulf of California. This is a famous vacation spot among Arizonians which is conveniently located at approximately 6 hours from Phoenix.

Getting to Puerto Penasco

Since I am living in Tucson, it is only 4 hours drive from my place. I left early on Friday morning and drove straight to Lukeville port of entry between Mexico and US. It was easy to cross the border without any hassle and I had already purchased Mexican auto insurance which I highly recommend if you are taking your car.

Staying in Puerto Penasco

Puerto Penasco has alot of options from economical hotels to fancy resorts on the Gulf. Since I was on a budget I had booked a beachside hotel for two nights in advance which was not too fancy but at walking distance from the beach. My plan was to explore this gulf city and spend less time in hotel that’s why I kept my hotel budget to minimum.

Things to Do in Puerto Penasco

This city has so many activities to offer such as enjoying the sandy beach, stroll along the boardwalk, taking a boat tour, water sports, off road adventures, zip line and many more. After checking into my hotel, I went to enjoy the beautiful beach and relax. I stayed at the beach till sunset which is my favorite part of being on the beach. Local vendors offer different Mexican delights and drinks on the beach to savor. In the evening, I went to Garufa Steakhouse, which is a fancy Argentinian restaurant. The steak was good and I do recommend this place if you are a steak lover. The next day, I booked an off road adventure vehicle for a couple of hours and explored the sand dunes. I enjoyed the beach afterwards. In the evening, I went to see the lively boardwalk. This place was the main tourist hub where local artists were displaying their skills. I grabbed nice dinner at one of the beachside restaurant. I enjoyed the live performances on the boardwalk and stayed there till late. On Sunday morning, I checked out of my hotel and headed back to Tucson. Overall it was a nice short trip to relax and enjoy the beach. Puerto Penasco is dirty overall compared to my other experiences in Mexican cities but a nice weekend getaway.

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