3 Days Trip To Sedona, Arizona

Sedona is one of the most beautiful places not only in Arizona but the whole United States and people come to visit from all over. It is a hidden gem located 2 hours north of Phoenix.  I decided to camp for a long weekend in Sedona and explore this beautiful place surrounded by red rocks. Best time to visit Sedona is September to April. I will share my 3 days of experience of what I did in Sedona and some other recommendations that I missed due to shortage of time.


I drove from Tucson, Arizona. It was a 4 hours drive for me. There is enough parking spots that is easily available. It can be tough to find parking during peak seasons due to alot of people visiting Sedona. Sedona has alot of free parking spots but be prepared to pay at most attractions.camped in Pine Flat Campground, Sedona and it was 2 hours drive to get to the park.


I spent 3 nights in Sedona. I took all my camping gears with me and camped for 2 nights at Cave Springs Campground and one night at Manzanita Campground. You can reserve them online at www.recreation.gov and they also have walk up sites but it is very difficult to secure a spot during peak seasons.

Activities / Attractions

Day 1:

Bell Rock:

Early in the morning I went to hike Bell Rock. It is a moderate to tough hike since there is not an established path to go to the top but once you get there, the views are remarkable. It is one of my favorite hikes.

Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village

After the hike, I went to spend some time at Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village. It is a great place to grab some lunch, coffee, ice-cream, shop or just relax and enjoy.

Chapel of The Holy Cross

After eating lunch at Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village, I went to see chapel of the holy cross. It is a beautiful architectural piece. It is a must see attraction and should visit before they close for the day.

Airport Mesa

After a long day of hiking, I went to Airport Mesa to enjoy the beautiful sunset of Arizona. Try to get there early to secure parking and a good spot for pictures and sunset views. The parking is $3.

Day 2

Cathedral Rock

On my 2nd day, I went early morning to hike Cathedral rock. This is also a moderate to tough hike but worth the struggle to get to the top. Once you reach the top, sit and enjoy the beautiful Sedona views.

Soldier’s Pass Trail

In the afternoon, I went to hike soldier’s pass trail. It is hard to find parking because it has limited parking spots and you have to park along the streets but make sure not to park in a wrong spot because it is tucked in a neighborhood. The hike is long depending on what you want but can keep it short. It is an easy to moderate hike.

Day 3

West Fork Oak Creek Canyon

On my 3rd day in Sedona, I went this beautiful trail early in the morning. To park inside is $10 but you can also park on the road side for free and walk to the trail. Along the trail, you will enjoy beautiful views and you can take insta-worthy pictures.

Montezuma Castle National Monument

 On my way back home, I stoped at this national monument. This site is out of Sedona but it is easily accessible from Sedona. 

Other Recommendations

Below are some other recommendations, that are worth  checking. I ran out of time and couldn’t make it to see them:

Devil’s Bridge

Secret Cave

Birthing Cave

Red Rock Crossing

Slide Rock


For the most trip, I cooked my breakfast, lunches and dinner at my campsite. Sedona has a lot of dining options and you can find any kind of food of your choice.

Inside Chapel of the Holy Cross
Views from the top of Cathedral Rock.
West Fork Oak Creek Canyon Trail.
Devil's Kitchen at the Soldier's Pass Trail.
End of Cathedral Rock Trail at the top.
Soldier's Pass Trail Head.

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